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  • SolaTech is the "ONLY" solution for your computer repair needs. Whether it is viruses, hardware installations, or computer crashes, let us get your PC up and running again.

  • Dont like getting in the car and driving to get your computer repaired? We are located in Delaware and fix your computer problems for you without you ever having to leave the house.

  • We here at SolaTech believe that the amount of time it takes us to do the job should match up with the price you pay. Our affordable computer repair and services prices wont leave you broke! As a local Delaware computer repair service, we will pick up your computer, perform the requested services on it and bring it back to you. Save not only the money it takes to fix your computer but also the money you would spend on gas!

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What is SolaTech?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients the solutions to all their computer problems. Through our professional skills and excellent customer service, SolaTech strives to be your only tech solution.

Our Philosophy

Your Tech, Our Tech

We will treat you computer as if it is our own; it is important that special care is taken in our handling of your property. We are also determined to find the best solution to your problem.

Your Satisfaction, Our Work

We want you to understand the tasks we are performing to get your computer operating at its best capacity and want you to be satisfied with the results of our work.

‘Only’ Tech

Sola is Latin for ‘only’, there will be no need to look anywhere else to solve your technological problems. Let us be your ONLY solution.

Services and Pricing

SolaTech aims at making sure that your computer is operating at peak performance. We offer the following services without you having to leave your house! Save yourself some time and schedule with us today. Click on each service (below) for more details.


Got a new program you need installed, but are running into issues? We can install it for you in your home.

Hard-Drive (Data Transfer Not Included ) - $14.99
Memory Upgrade - $9.99
Other Component - $29.99

New Hard Drive, New Memory (RAM), New Component? You name it, if it is for your computer we can install it for you.


Factory restore disks are no longer provided by computer manufacturers. If your system crashed you won't be able to restore your computer without buying the expensive operating system software. Save the cash and the headache and let us make the backup disk for your safe keeping.


Got a new printer but are unable to get it to work on your computer? We can set it to so that it is running at its full potential. For example, if you have a 4-in-1 copy, scan, fax, printer and are only able to get the printer working and nothing else we can help you setup the remaining three features.


Desire to be mobile in your home? We can setup a wireless network so your whole family can stay connected in whatever space they are located. Worried about security? No problem, we will not only help you setup your wireless network but we will secure it to its maximum capacity.


Thinking of purchasing a new PC, Laptop or other technology component? Let one of our technology engineers discuss your best options based on your needs. We will help you not got burnt the next time you decide to buy a new piece of equipment.


Need to move files from an old PC to a new one? We can assist you every step of the way and help you determine which data is necessary and which isnt so that you dont overburden your new PC.


Old hard Drives could contain data that can get in the wrong hands and can be used in crimes such as Identity Theft. We will make sure that you are not another victim, we can wipe and destroy old drives for your protection.


The Internet can be a dangerous place especially without the proper defense. Viruses and Malware are a constant threat and if you catch one it could wreak havoc on your computer or send personal information to an unwanted party. Allow us to eliminate the threat if you think your computer is infected.


You don't know what the problem is and a part of you dosen't want to know. You just want your computer to work so you can have peace of mind. Let one of our skilled technicians take a look at it to get it up and running again.

Pickup/Drop Off Rates *Pickup/Drop Off rates subject to change due to changing Gas prices

  • Less than 10 Miles from our offices in Wilmington, DE to your home - $19.99

  • 11 - 20 Miles from our offices in Wilmington, DE to your home - $29.99

  • Greater than 20 Miles from our offices in Wilmington, DE to your home - *Call us for pricing


Affordable Pricing

We know you want your computer fixed or upgraded without breaking the bank. Affordable pricing, top quality service, and all without leaving your home. You cant beat that! Check out our affordable pricing list below for the services we offer. Schedule today!

Software Installation - $19.99

Hardware Installation

Hard Drive (Data Transfer Not Included) - $14.99
Ram - $9.99
Other Component - $29.99

New PC/Laptop Setup - $119.99

Backup To Factory Disk - $79.99

Printer Setup - $29.99

Wireless Network Setup - $129.99

Tech Consultation - $49.99

Data Transfer - $39.99

Hard Drive Wipe/Disposal - $49.99

Virus/Malware Removal - $29.99

Trouble Shooting - $139.99

Pickup/Drop Off Rates *Pickup/Drop Off rates subject to change due to changing Gas prices

  • Less than 10 Miles from our offices in Wilmington, DE to your home - $19.99
  • 11 - 20 Miles from our offices in Wilmington, DE to your home - $29.99
  • Greater than 20 Miles from our offices in Wilmington, DE to your home - *Call us for pricing

Set up your Appointment Below

Why drive to the computer repair shop when the computer repair shop can come to you? Fill out the form below to schedule one of our technicians to come over to your home to pick-up your computer for repair or in-home consultation appointment. In addition to paying for your scheduled service we also add on"low" pickup and drop off fees. The fees are low and only used to pay for the amount of gas it will take a technician to drive over to your home. The rates are below (note: Rates are subject to change due to changing Gas prices).

  • Less Than 10 miles from our shop to your home - $19.99
  • Between 11 - 20 miles from our shop to your home - $29.99
  • Greater than 20 miles --> Please Call Us For Pricing.
Important Note: Currently SolaTech only covers the Tri-state area (Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey). We will be servicing other areas in the future.

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We are committed to providing you Top Quality Customer Service

We want to make sure that you are satisfied with our services and keep you as a customer. If you need to contact our friendly customer service staff or get in touch with the technician who performed work at your home, please contact us at the number or send us a friendly email. Our customer service representative or technician will get back in touch with you within 24 hours.

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